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We Are A Different Kind of Back and Neck Doctors. What makes the doctors at Czulada Chiropractic different is their gift for making you, the patient, feel comfortable and cared for. They’ve added the art of caring to the science of back and neck pain relief. It’s the promise of the most relaxing, stress free visit possible. Our goal is to pay as much attention to the simplest back ache as to the most complex spinal injury. We treat every patient as if he or she is part of our own family. It’s our promise to listen and tune in to your needs, and, The Chiropractors at Czulada Chiropractic take to heart the concept of responsibility and trust. They consider each patient doctor relationship unique and individual. They want to ensure that their patients have the opportunity to receive the most affordable healthcare product available, Chiropractic Care.

Discover gentle care that works

Even though painful symptoms may appear in other parts of your body, the cause is often located in your back or neck. Chiropractic care methods are proven to be effective in providing quick, long-lasting relief. Most people feel noticeably better after one or two chiropractic treatments Although each patient's condition is evaluated individually, we expect most of our patients to improve after five or six treatments -- that's just how it works.

We offer affordable chiropractic care... and more

Fewer chiropractic treatments mean lower costs for you -- and for your insurance company. We’ll Help with the paperwork, too! Whether you live in Scranton, Dunmore, Throop, Blakely, Olyphant or anywhere else in Lackawanna County, you can trust the doctors at Czulada Chiropractic to expertly document your injury and handle all the timely, accurate filing and forms required by your insurance company. If you have a work or auto injury, we'll work with your employer or attorney and help you navigate your legal issues, too!

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