Czulada Chiropractic

We’ve all heard horror stories of friends or relatives missing work for weeks because of back injuries or other painful ailments resulting in lost income, as well as stress and strain on the family.Turn to the doctors of Czulada Chiropractic in their Dickson City and Dunmore offices, as they can identify the cause of your pain and fix it. Our doctors have more than 40 years of combined experience relieving back and neck pain. They’ve helped thousands of patients recover from back and neck injuries in the Northeast Pennsylvania area, so they have the expertise to pinpoint the cause of your problem quickly.Our chiropractors are specially trained to administer the right treatment-- that means you can be back on the job, providing for your family, as quickly as possible. At Czulada Chiropractic, we use advanced non-surgical methods that have helped hundreds of people recover from pain.