All Medicare Patients Have Chiropractic Coverage

All Medicare patients have Chiropractic coverage in Dickson

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The main type of Medicare is traditional Medicare. A number of years ago Medicare used to limit Chiropractic treatment in Dickson to 12 visits per year, however this is no longer the case.

Medicare Plans in Dickson

Medicare will pay for Chiropractic for up to 30 visits per year depending on the severity of your condition. More severe conditions like sciatica, disc problems, and spinal stenosis are covered for more visits while simple strains and muscle spasms are covered for less.

The other type of Medicare plans are called Medicare Advantage plans. These include Geisinger Gold, Humana, UHC, UPMC, Aetna Medicare, Highmark Medicare and others. We participate in and accept Medicare Advantage Plans. These policies also pay for Chiropractic treatment but they usually require a small copayment of $10 to $20 per visit.