Chest Pain

Back and Chest Pain

Chiropractic Dunmore PA Chest Pain

Chest Pain? Is it your heart or your spine? A misalignment of the spine can cause chest pain. Many people that experience chest pain go to their family doctor or to the emergency room in fear that they are experiencing a heart attack.

Back and Chest Pain

In some cases, the person is indeed having a heart attack and appropriate medical measures need to be taken. In many cases, all tests come back negative for a heart condition and you are left wondering what caused your chest pain! If your spine misaligns in the middle of your back (between your shoulder blades), then the bones can pinch the nerves that exit between them, causing sharp pain. The sharp pain comes from the nerve being pinched, but the pain can travel around your rib cage or pierce straight through your rib cage and out your breastbone. Just remember that if all tests come back negative, the pain is likely being caused by the misalignment of your spine. Chiropractors realign the spine, taking pressure off the nerve that is being pinched.

This is a condition we commonly see in our offices in Dunmore and Dickson City. Chiropractic is your best choice for relief of this pain.